here it is how to jailbreak iphone 3.1 using XP or Vista


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his is HOW TO JAILBREAK iPhone 3G 3.1 on windows! (XP,VISTA,7)

Unless you aren't worried about potentially upgrading your baseband, I would advise you not to try this tutorial until there is an Unlock method available for the 3.1 Firmware. If you will never need your iphone unlocked then it is perfectly fine to use this jailbreak method.

Before you start you need to have the following:
1. a copy of itunes 8.2 if you don't already have it installed. (download it here Itunes 8.2 Link
2. a copy of custom firmware 3.1 I cannot tell you how to acquire this.
3. a copy of Redsnow 0.8 (download it here Redsnow 0.8 Link
4. a copy of the OFFICIAL 3.0 firmware

*If you currently have your iphone
jailbroken at the 3.0 level, put your phone in RECOVERY Mode (not DFU) and use steps 1,2,3,14 & 15

**If you currently have your iphone at an OFFICIAL 3.1 level, complete all of the steps.

Step 01: If you have Itunes 9 installed then uninstall it.

Step 02: Install Itunes 8.2

Step 03: Run Itunes 8.2

Step 04: if you get an "itunes library.itl" error then delete or move it from your itunes folder in "my music"

Step 05: Once you have iTunes 8.2 running, put your phone into DFU mode

Step 06: click "ok" when itunes tells you it detects your phone in recovery mode

Step 07: once your phone is in DFU mode, hold your shift key and click restore in itunes

Step 08: a window will open and you will now locate the official 3.0 firmware file and select it

Step 09: itunes will now install the official 3.0 firmware onto the phone

Step 10: at the end of this process you will likely get a error 1015 or something like that. ignore the error by clicking ok and your iphone should be showing the usb and itunes logo at this point.

Step 11: Now open up Redsnow 0.8

Step 12: Browse for the 3.0 official firmware and follow the directions that the software gives to jailbreak the iphone. during the jailbreak process for 3.0, you will notice that it seems to freeze at the "installing activation bundles" part. Don't worry, it is not frozen. Just give it a little while and it will finish.

Step 13: At this point your phone might have the USB and Itunes image back on it. This is fine. Open iTunes back up and you will probably be greeted with the "itunes detects your phone in recovery mode". Click OK.
DO NOT PUT THE IPHONE IN "DFU" MODE AT THIS POINT. Leave it in "Recovery Mode". Leave it as it is.

Step 14: Once again, shift click the itunes restore button and select the 3.1 custom firmware.

Step 15: THAT'S IT! Let it load the 3.1 custom firmware and you are set!

I have done this on 3 3G iPhones and can confirm that this process absolutely works. I hope this helps all of you that have been waiting on a windows version of redsnow that jailbreaks 3.1. This process may take more time but it will work.

Just to clarify a few steps in this process...

If you are on official 3.1 firmware, you have to downgrade to a jailbroken 3.0 firmware and have iTunes 8.2 installed in order to restore the CUSTOM 3.1 firmware. If you are already on a 3.0 jailbroken firmware then just make sure you have iTunes 8.2 installed because itunes 9 will give you error 16xx messages when you do a restore for CUSTOM 3.1 firmware.

I noticed that the majority of my steps look as though this is just to jailbreak to 3.0 SO i just wanted to make it clear that this is actually instructions to jailbreak 3.1

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