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This is a story about someone who had more than enough money for a new TV system, and let the sales guy show him the best of the best. Yes it was a Sony TV, but bleeding edge technology. He got a bluetooth sound bar and speakers, and it was all very expensive. Why my bother did not talk to me before doing that, I will never know.

The Bluetooth stuff did not work, and it did not matter how well it worked in the store, or that it sometimes worked in his home. He took that back and they gave him the next model up, and it was more expensive, but they let him have it anyway. That system worked better, but it was not perfect as the price would dictate.

Never let a sales person sell you anything. It is a fact that they try to sell what does not move on its own. They have no trouble selling the cheap stuff, because most people make that mistake too, buying the cheapest TV they can find in a size that fits their want.

If you need a new TV, there is not one brand that only makes great TV's. Mostly all of them have some dogs in their inventory. Some people think that if they get a Samsung, or Sony, it will be a great TV. Not so, if you are reading this, you already know where to do your research on a new TV. There are some really smart people in these forums.

If you don't know what a good picture looks like, what are you doing looking at TV pictures of cartoons in a Walmart and thinking that those cartoons look great, so it must be a good TV.

A good picture is judged on movies, and news, and live TV. Some of the best footage to judge a TV will have snow, and grass, and things a poor TV will obliterate, and cause mushy color instead of sharp colors that don't run together, and have sharp lines between them You look at the edges of the picture, because that is where it gets hairy for a poor TV. The edges of the picture need to look nearly a sharp as the center of the Tv. Whites should not blair out in one big mess, they should be as well defined as anything else.
It does not take long to see something wrong, and even great TV's might have a little wrong, especially in a store where store clerks make adjustments that they have no clue about. So coming to these forums and reading is a good place to start.

For myself, i have a Samsung DLP that i have had for a long time. It is the last generation of DLp, and does not have spinning mirrors, or a projector bulb that burns out every year. It has a LED light engine that is rated for 100,000 hours. It produced the best picture, and it is still a great picture. The only TV's that can beat it by a small margin are so0me Plasma TV's, which i would never buy, and OLED TV's, which were very expensive when I first saw one 15 years ago. TV they are still pretty expensive, but nothing they make today in OLED was even possible 15 years ago. The OLED i saw was a small screen in a store in West Palm Beach, and it was unbelievable how good the picture was. Remember that was 15 years ago. They had trouble making OLED screens, and the reject ratio on what they made was very high, but not today. Today, they still are expensive, but bigger screens are a bit easier to make.

So the lesson is to never put your faith into a salesman to sell you anything, unless he is your brother, or sister, and you know he will steer you right.

I had a Sony Bravia that was really good compared to most everything else at the time, but it got taken out by lightning. It did not destroy the TV, but it blew out the HDMI ports. So when i went to buy another TV, I found a Vizio. Now Vizio does not make all great TV's, but they have a few that are pretty good, at a bargain price. The one I got was pretty good, and got it through Sam's Club with a great warranty. The thing about what was wrong with it had to so with when it changed resolutions. That happened when my Satellite receiver changed from menu's, and what's on, to an actual show. It would shift resolutions in a way that you could see, and it was not pretty. So after a short while, Vizio sent out a firmware update, and the TV got better. Not perfect yet, but then there was another update, and another, and finally the TV is really good. So Vizio is in the TV game to win it. In my opinion, they need a new name for their best TV line.

Please don't flame me, just take this for what it is worth.

I'm still waiting for someone to help me identify what caused my power on switch, and IR remote to stop turning my Samsung DLP off. It is not the IR ,and it is not the actual switch, it is the circuit they drives the relay, but I was hoping for some expert to answer my thread, which can be found under Samsung DLP.

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