Hercules Game Theatre now 7.1


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Just downloading the newst drivers for my Hercules Game Theatre XP that makes it EX/ES upto 7.1 compatible!

Shame I have not got an amp with an 8ch input though!:)


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Sorry to hijack this thread but you replied to my thread about Lightning Stikes and Insurance Companies and I didn't know how to reply as when I replied it went to the last person on the thread list so here goes......

Thanks for the advice.
Insurance settlement now on the way.
I have about £4K to buy new TV/Amp/Speakers but still no-one is willing to give me any advice on what products to buy - I am totally open to non-Sony kit as the Scrolling Bars thing has put me of the FQ80 and FS75.
I was thinking along the lines of a Philips Pixel Plus TV with ??? Amp and Acoustic Energy Evo 3B package with possibly a REL Quake instead of the AE sub. Might throw in a NAD CD player to replace my Sony 200 Carousel as my fiance was never a fan of it and prefers to move the CDs around the house with her.
Any advice on the AMP - a local dealer stocks Yamaha, Denon, Rotel, Arcam, Meridian and HarmanKardon stuff but I don't know where to start as I was quite happy with my Sony DB930 but as they don't stock it they say there are a lot better available for similar money....... they have offered me a session in their multi-equipment room but a bit of advice on what to consider would be great - I don't mind spending the extra for the service of specialists but if the prices on the internet are much more attractive what should I do.
Any advice greatly appreciated and as you are a bit of a pro in this business I just thought I would ask



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I have tyime for a brief reply but:

I would recommend the Denon 1803 as a suitable replacement. It's either £400/450, and will do EX/ES etc.

Good luck.


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