Heos Devices and Amazon Ultra HD (or other high bitrate) issues


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Goal: Stream uncompressed ("high quality" setting in HEOS devices) Amazon Ultra HD (or other hi bitrate audio) to a group of four or more HEOS devices.

Setup: Four Denon AVRs, connected to my network via ethernet cable.

Problem: The Denon AVRs, while grouped, are unable to keep up with Amazon Ultra HD music streams while using the uncompressed (i.e., high quality setting) in the HEOS app. There are audio artifacts or outright audio dropouts.

Why: I'm running all devices in one group. One of my AVRs acts as the HEOS hub (receives and forwards out streams to other HEOS devices). I believe the 10/100 ethernet ports on these AVRs (that's a 12.5 Megabyte/sec throughput) are fully saturated under this setup. The HEOS receiver that receives the stream (3MB/s) then forwards three separate streams to 3 other receivers (3MB/s * 3) comes to a total requirement of 12MB/s and that's not accounting for any overhead. And yes, I'm seeing 3MB/sec + is possible under services like Amazon's ultra HD music.

It's no wonder the device acting as the HEOS hub can't keep up. It's only theoretically capable of 100megabit/12.5megabyte a second.

Does anyone make a product that is HEOS enabled and uses a gigabit ethernet port? I would buy it.

Thanks everyone.


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