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ive got a slight problem, ive been using a Zyxel router which can be used wireless and wired.
ive got my ps3 wired into it and use my laptop wireless.
my problem is this, ive just found out that my wireless connection isnt secure and when i looked into it its talking about hexidecimal codes??:suicide: what are these and how do you go about setting this up, do you need to remember these codes?

any help would be appreciated since im a thicko at this

thanks in advance


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Simply put, the security on a wireless network is made up of keys. If your keys match you can connect. The hexadecimal characters you mention are the keys - a bit like a password. All the devices that you want to connect to the wireless network need to have the same key configured.

You can choose what the keys are so make it random. Yes you will need to remember them in case you need to add another device in the future, but once configured you rarely need to look at them again. Sometimes you can enter a phrase or sentance (that's easy to remember) and the device will turn it into a Hex key automatically for you.

The two main types of Wireless security are WEP (older and less secure), WPA and WPA2 (newer and a lot more secure). Your devices need to be using the same type of security. Any security is better than none.

Lots more info in here if you search.


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