I have my Sky digital decoder connected, but without the phone line connected. As ive moved it since the sky guy installed it.

It seems to need resetting more, due to freezing and some crazy problems......

I have noticed that im now having to unplug the damn thing more often, is this down to the fact i have no phone line connected.

The Sky digital decoder is a Amstrad (the silver and grey one)

Or is it that my decoder is just ****

Thanks in advance
I had an amstrad and this happened to up sky and they should replace it for you probably with one of the new grundig boxes, and I don't have a telephone line connected either
The last software update(.11) was perhaps a little more buggy than even SKY have managed before and is currently being replaced with a new version.

The phone line is just a contractual requirment, it does not affect the EPG software and OS of the digibox.
Thanks for your help, the problem is this Decoder is well over 2 years old and im sure out of any warranty period.

So I suppose I will have to bite the bullet and buy another decoder. As you guys know what your talking about can you recommend any reasonal priced Digital decoder, Im not interested any with different sound stages etc, just a quality picture...

Cheers lads

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