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Hi people , im in need of some help .

Im in the throws of setting up a pc gaming centre in the uk and have stumbled on the idea of having a projector.

This is where i get stuck , it needs to be able to display Vga output onto a bare wall ,its being used to display current games in progess direct from the server. The two outputs that the server can provide is Vga and Tv Out.

Can someone please recomend a solution and indicate where i can purchase this equipment from, cost is a factor i dont want to spend thousands of pounds. I dont mind buying secondhand as long as the kit is in good condition,

Hope Someone can help

Head Tech
Ambient light is going to be your killer.
I would go for an LCD projector because contrast levels will not be too inportant. Chose one that has a reasonable lamp life so you are not changing them out each month.

CRT really is going to struggle with light output in this environment unless you rear project.
Most LCD projectors have an average lamp life of 1500 - 2000 hrs. Using at 5 or 6 hrs per day means a lamp change roughly every 36 - 60 weeks. A lamp typically costs between £350 and £450 inc VAT.

Philips have a long lamp life projector called the bSure SV1. This has an average lamp life of 6000 hrs. Lamp cost is around £380 inc VAT before discount.

The bSure SV1 will handle PC Graphics and Video. The PC Graphics signal will be the best quality.

The brightness is measured is ANSI lumens. The bSure has a brightness of 1200 ANSI. This is enough to give a very watchable 75" (1.9 mtr) diagonal picture in typical office lighting conditions.

The list price of the bSure SV1 is £1749 +VAT. Discounts are common with commercial projectors. Send me a Private Message if you want more info.

As Roland has said, if there is going to be a lot of ambient light around, it will wash out a lot of the darker detail, so painting the wall a light grey will help with rejecting some of the ambient light and improving apparent contrast by having a darker base for black.

Using grey paint (Duluxe Icestorm 5 or 6) will also have a gain of less than unity, and so you will need a very bright projector as mentioned. A grey screen material with some gain will be ideal as it can further help reject ambient light that comes in from the sides relative to the projector. Da-Lite do a grey screen (High Contrast Cinema Vision) with a gain of 1.1, and you can buy the material seperately for stretching and stapling over a wooden frame (pics on my web-site). This is a much cheaper way of getting a reasonable size screen as the biggest cost of a screen is the frame.

I was going to recommend a DLP pj as they can be very bright but as it will be in a public place the rainbow effect might be visible to some.

Here is a list of pjs with over 2500 lumens starting with the cheapest:

How big do you want to have the projected image, and how much ambient light is there going to be shining on it (or near it)?


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