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    please advise on best way to connect following:<br />TV two scarts no audio outs<br />str-de445 receiver<br />grundig digibox<br />wharfedale m5 dvd<br />sony slv-av100 video with built in pro logic amp<br />At the moment i have the tv connected to the amp via a scart-scart+ two audio leads, the digibox is connected to the amp in the same manner but into the aux input. The dvd is connected with a optical lead.<br />Can somebody tell me how i can connect the above so that i can hear sound from whichever source is on the tv? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    First you have to decide whether your TV will do all the switching, (video and audio) or your amplifier. The best way is to use the amp because you then retain high quality audio as it does not get fed through the TV. You then connect your TV as the monitor to the video out on the amplifier.<br /> <br />One of the scarts on the TV will usually give you a video and audio output of what is being displayed on the screen. You might need to go into the TVs menu to set it up. You will also need a scart lead with outputs and inputs to RCA phono plugs.

    By the way, not all TVs can be configured to give a tuner output and accept an aux video input at the same time. I know this only partly answers your question but connection combinations can run to pages! <br />Cliff<br />Cliff

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