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    Hi Everyone,

    Ok, this is the kit I will have within around 8 weeks.



    I will also have my VCR, which has RGB scart, and a set of Canton CD1's.

    My tv is only an average 24" with one scart socket at the back! :(

    I already have some scart leads that I could use and they aren't rubbish, so am happy to employ them in my new set-up.


    1. The receiver only has clip terminals, not the best, but will suffice for the amount I'm spending. So I will need some speaker cable :laugh: ! Will some joe bloggs stuff do? Is there a few things I should look for? I do have some old hi-fi cable I could perhaps use somewhere?

    2. Do I need a subwoofer cable? If I do, how much are they? Where's the best place to go?

    3. What is the best way of connecting the DVD player to the amp? Co-ax interconnect? Again, would a no brand cable be ok or perhaps a Mark Grant cable?

    4. How should I connect the VCR to the amp? Scart?

    I have a max budget of £450. The rec will hopefully only cost me £160 and the Cantons £250 max. I reckon that leaves approx £40 for cables, not much I know, but I do not mind upgrading in due course! :laugh:

    Thanks for any help, it really is appreciated! :rolleyes:


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