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Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by Bretto, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Bretto


    Jul 2, 2004
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    Hayes, Middlesex
    Who fancies helping out someone with an almighty headache?

    Does anyone know if the nikon 70-300 G lens is any good?
    I know its cheap, but I cant afford the pricier versions.
    Ive just been told it isnt "good enough" to go with a Nikon D70 (build quality and no aperture ring).
    If it has no aperture ring, do i set it up like on a fuji S602 (via the camera)? If so, I think I could live with this.

    If it is rubbish, I'll have to go with a canon 300D which leads to another question:

    Which is better: buying the body and a sigma 28-300,
    or getting the lens deal and a canon / sigma 70-300 IIIUSM?

    Are sigma's any good, as Im new to SLR photography!

    Anyone with any ideas.......
    Sorry for the lengthy posts, but desperate to get a camera for fairford in 2 weeks time and time is slipping by quickly!

    By the way
    Watford Electronics looks like the best site for these cameras at the moment, if anyones looking!

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