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Hey all! :)

At the moment I am currently using a Panasonic 29" 4:3 ratio television, which has served well for the many years I have owned it. However I feel that it is time to update to something more advanced. I've had this feeling for over a year, although plasma screens were a little out of my price range at the time. Now that I am in the market for a new television there are so many to choose from, which can be a little daunting. I was hoping that I could gain some advice/help here? :) Thanks!

So far I have seen two units that I am interested in. Firstly the latest Sony Grand WEGA LCD Rear Projection television. At 50" for just over £2,100 it seems like a great deal! I know that there are various issues associated with these types of television, but what are they like? I haven't had the chance to view one in reality yet. Are there any stores that stock a display model in the Buckinghamshire region or will I have to drive into London to experience the Wega? :rolleyes:

The next unit is the new Panasonic TH42PE30B plasma screen. I was blown away when comparing this to the various other plasma screens on offer in my local Lakes Television. However the price with stand is a little off-putting. My questions are:

1)What is the life span of the TH42PE30B, roughly?
2)Are a good, reputable company? Any other reputable Internet companies you can suggest?
3) I could purchase the TH42PE30B from John Lewis and gain a 5 year warranty - Is this worth it for the extra price increase?
4) Any issues with plasma?
5) Any major issues with LCD Rear projection televisions?


If you could suggest any other plasma screens that would be great! My criteria is 42" or above, built-in speakers/tuner, and a stand - Budget? Somewhere between £3-4K ... Image quality is priority :)

Thanks all! :thumbsup:


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Hi mate,

Hopefully I can be of some help here.

1. It is always difficult to judge the lifespan of relatively new technology, however you will find that most manufacturers would quote around 10-15 years with an average daily use. As long as a conventional CRT, basically...

2. Considering the cost of the purchase, I would be looking to buy it and have it installed by a specialist dealer...

3. At the slight risk of being a bit controversial here, please see answer 2.

4 Some would say the relatively low brightness of plasma (compared to LCD) would make them think twice. My opinion is that the many pros outweigh the few cons. As with anything though, you can get good plasmas and *bad* plasmas.

5. Contrast and black levels (possibly this could be seen as the same problem) basically. And I think most people would agree that the quality of Sony displays aint what they used to be.

If you could do without a built in tuner, and have an offboard one, then you should also consider the new 42 inch Hitachi 5000 range.

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