:lease: somebody help! I'm new here. My name is Jodia and I just purchased a DVD player. I got it hooked up and started to enjoy some DVDs, problem is, at this time, I have three movies that when inserted into the player, comes up as 'wrong disc'. What the heck is that? I checked and yep, it's the right disc! All three are kids movies, "Freaky Friday", "Finding Nemo" and "Cats and Dogs". Am I doing something wrong? I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you so much!!!


Hi Jodia and welcome to the forum!

Are these disks the wrong region code for your player? ie are you trying to play a region 1 (USA) disk on a region 2 (Europe) only DVD player.
If your DVD player is multiregion does it do auto switching between the regions or do you need to change it manually?


Greg Hook

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Hi Jodie

Welcome to the forums.

First off it would have been best to post this in the DVD player forum where you will probably get more replies. A mod from this forum will probably move this soon .

Secondly it would be helpful if you tell us what model and make of DVD player you have. Is it a region 2 only and you have region 1 discs etc etc?

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