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Evening All,

I'm looking to get some new rears but without getting a home demo i'm not sure which ones will complement my current setup.

I have 2 old Paradigm Monitor 9s and a CC-350 centre at the front....would anyone know what would best match at the rear?

In an ideal world i'd like to sell on my paradigms and go for something new...but buying a house and I doubt my front stage will get me much cash if I sell on, i'm stuck with getting the rears instead and probably building from the back to the front over time.

I know its a very subjective question because certain sounds suit different people, but just wanted to see whether anyone had an opinion.



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What rears are you using currently?

Without knowing your existing speakers, I'd still say save your money and change the front when you can...how can you plan your rears if you don't know what fronts you're going to buy 12 months down the line?


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To be honest, I didn't really think of a budget, just wanted to see recommendations I might get.

I think your right Matt, I might as well save...just does my head in...I want things now, but I seem to be saving for longer than I can remember and then something else comes along which requires my hard saved cash :(


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