I got a JVC THA75R at the weekend.

Started setting it up yesterday and have had a few problems.

1) When you use DPLII should that come out of all the speakers (minus the rear one) as it only seems to be coming out of the front ones?

2) I bought a cabl with it to attach my video, but this only does the audio left and right?

3) CAn I run my Playstation 2 through it?

Any help much appreciated!!



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A stereo source can give out sound to all speakers if you have selected DPL11. Have you set all the channel levels up? as you may have the rear volume too low .Sometimes the surround efect can be subtle to non existent.Two leads from the vcr is correct. I don't have a jvc but I'm sure somebody out there can jump in with more advice


What I have done, is run the PS2 thro the video via Scart and that seems to work fine, I ahve bought an optical cable to run from the PS2 to the amp aswell, just waiting for that to be delivered.

Also, what is the best way to connect up my set top box, I think i am going to have to connect this via RCA Leads? How many leads!!!

Anyone got any advice on where to put the speakers for all this?
The manual says something different to what the Home video mag says? Who should I beleive?

At the moment, I have two speakers either side of the tele, the centre on top of the tele, the rear centre on the wall behind the sofa, and I was going to put the rear surround at either both ends of the sofa, but the instractions say that they should be directly to the side?

Any help much appreciated


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