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    Having read all of your comments im not sure the DR-1 will do the things i want a dvd recorder for.

    Basicaly all I want to do is record from sky. I dont have sky+ as most in here do is this a problem?

    Most of the time i want to record 30 min shows like the simpsons or dragonball. Then back them up to -R so that my mates kids can watch them on their dvd player. I want to get as many say 8 shows as i can them stick them on a dvd.

    Can I do this with the dr-1?

    Sometimes Dragonball is shown i Marathons from about 7.00am to 4.00pm i would like to record these and back them up to -R as before.

    Can I do this with the dr-1 or do i need a HDD Recorder that can write to -R as well?

    I have a pc with a x4 dvd recorder would it just be easier to get a tv card and record straight to my PC's HDD then use my writer to write to -R?

    I have just seen the Toshiba RD-XS30 it has a 60GB HDD with up to 78 Hours Recording Capacity. Would this better suit my needs?

    Thanks again any sugestions would be most welcome

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