Help! - Z3 is "Off Centre"!? Overscan/Sharpness image of DVE shows up the problem

Tyler Durden

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I have had a quick run through of DVE to set up my Z3. Everything looks great, until I got to the "Overscan/sharpness" image and it seems as though my projector is slightly off centre. What I mean is that there seems to be an area of the right hand side of the projected image that is missing.

I tried the image on my LCD and bits of the image were missing from every edge of the screen!

It is the kind of thing that is totally unnoticable when normal images are being projected but I just wondered if there is anything that can be done about it.


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Just a quick thought. Its been a while since I delved into my Z3's menus but if you go into the Overscan section, I think it will say +10 by default. Put it down to zero and see if that does the trick. Are you running DVE via PC dvd or standalone dvd player via component?
From memory this cured a problem I had when I was setting up my PC at a res of 1280*720 and the image was shifted 10 pixels to the right (or left, i cant remember now :rolleyes: )so it may not resolve your issue, but you never know... :)

good luck

Tyler Durden

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I will check it, but I think I remember trying that to no avail.

i am running via SVHS from my DVD player, into my Denon 3803 and then to the projector using Component.


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Your DVD player is probably overscanning. If you have set overscan to 0 on the projector menu, then you should see the full image.


Tyler Durden

Distinguished Member
Okay, thanks

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