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I have the an RX-V667 V667 at the centre of my set up. PS4 and sky going in. Then HDMI going into my UHD tv.

As my AV is not 4k, yesterday I had a Roko 4k plugged into the tv then used the ARC through the same HDMI (as above) back to the AV. When I used the volume control of either the tv or amp, the amp volume decreased.

Whilst it wasn't synced quite right it was working. Then my niece got hold of my remotes and I can't get it right.

The sound will play from the tv into the AV but I cannot change the volume- at all. The TV states that hdmi control is relevant. My AV shows the volume is going up and down. But the volume does not change.

I am fiddling with the settings and keep blocking sound completely at times. It displays "decoder off" during this time but I don't know what sets that. So actually I can't even permanently activate the volume.

Using my ps4 is still fine. It's the ARC

I have attached pics of current settings. Any help apprecited.


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Are you actually accessing anything on the TV that would ordinarilly use ARC? ARC only conveys audio to the AV receiver when you are accessing an audio source via the TV. This would automatilly engaging ARC as being the audio source onboard the AV receiver. If you manually select AV1 on the receiver without the TV being set to something that has audio associated with it then you'd not get anything output from the TV to the AV receiver via ARC.

DECODER OFF indicates that the AVR isn't actually receiving anything in association with the source selected.


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I have my Roku stick in the tv.
I just left the AV on and turned off the tv. Set the AV to surround decoder.
When I turned the tv back on it found the the sound via the ARC. So you a right it should not be on AV1

But I can't change the volume at all


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Use the receiver's remote and don't rely upon HDMI CEC. I'm assuming the receiver's remote still controls the receiver's volume? Ensure that the receiver's remote is set to the MAIN room as opposed to it being set to another zone. THe remote's volume control would only effect the volume in the zone the remote is set to. There are buttons along the top of the remote that change which zone the remote effects.

Also note that you'd be limited to audio formats that can be conveyed via ARC so what you get will ultimately depend upon what you are attempting to access via the Roku?
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Hi. Thanks for the help.
I am using the AV remote and it is changing the volume setting on the AV (numbers go up and down)- put the volume level isnt actually changing - even taking the volume down to mute.

Im using Prime, plex and netflix on roku. All have the same issue. But even the tv noises arent working.

Think tomorrow I will reset and take it all apart and start again....may post again I have get something tangible I can explain.....

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