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Hello all,

Hoping you might be able to help with a tricky one. I've recently bought a Linn Axis turntable with the Akito arm and K9 cartridge. It was a decent price from a family friend, and I thought it would provide an upgrade from my Pro-Ject Debut ii.

I have found that the Linn gives a fuller, warmer sound than the Pro-Ject (as expected). Music sounds good. However, I have noticed these negatives:

Slight but noticeable distorion on many vocals.
Less detailed nuance in vocal perfomances. For example, on Neil Young's On The Beach, i like hearing the reverb on his voice - on the Linn his voice seems much fuller but the detail is lost.

At first I thought it may be a worn stylus, so I fitted a new AT95e. The problem persisted.

So I'm a bit stuck on where to go next. The Linn has got great review online, but I'm a bit reluctant to chuck money at it. Is it worth uprgading the cartidge to a Goldring 1042, or similar? Or should I admit defeat and sell it? I thought about upgrading the preamp, but that seems to sound ok with the my old Pro-Ject.

My current setup is:

Linn Axis
NAD PP2 preamp
Roksan Kandy mkii amp
Dali Menuet speakers

I've been testing with both my old 70s LPs and brand news pressings.

Any advice massively appreciated



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