Help with Z1 and computer !!!!



I just received the Z1 today so forgive my lack of knowledge on the matter (though I did read extensively prior to purchasing it!)

Basically, I figured that the simplest first connection to make would be via a VGA cable to my PC. How wrong...

Problem 1. My main PC has a GeForce4 MX440 (AGP 8X) with DVI and VGA out. The DVI is used for my TFT, but upon connecting the VGA to the projector, I couldn't get a signal. Why?

Problem 2. Connecting to the Shuttle I want to rig up as a HCPC, I was able to get a picture, but only in 4:3 (i.e. missing off the sides). How can I set up a widescreen signal for the Proj from either my main PC (if I can sort out problem 1) and ultimately the Shuttle.

Please help!!!!!


Ah, the good old virtual desktop. I got rid of it by doing two things:

1) Add a 960x540 resolution - though you may have already done this to end up with virtual desktop in the first place. I used Powerstrip to add the resolution but you may be able to hack it into the registry directly.

2) Change the monitor from 'Default Plug & Play' to a widescreen capable monitor (I used something like Sony GDW-900.)

That was it, for me. I then just needed to tweak the settings on the Z1 to give me 1:1 mapping and it all worked fine.

Good luck,


P.S. This may be better in the HTPC forum?

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