Help with WMP.

Dave H

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Hi I upgraded my PC with service pack 2 and since then my computer won't play more than a few secounds of video.
It starts playing then the screen goes blank ?
It does the same thing when streaming or from hard drive playback.
is there a fix for this?



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It could be many things Dave, but personally I would start with uninstalling your graphics driver, and reinstalling (or updating) that.

What type of video are you having problems with - ie is it MPEG, AVI, quicktime etc etc. It could just be that you need a new codec for these (usually done by updating the native player - even if you use Windows Media Player to actually play them)
It may also be worth updating WMP itself.

Dave H

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Hi Its just the mpeg's that it won't play, Quicktime will play most of them but not all of them.
how hard is it too update the graphics card as I have lost the sound from my sound card since I upgraded to XP and I don't won't to lose the graphics as well.
As you can tell Iam not too good with computers.


The Dude

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Hi dave, sounds more and more like a codec problem....

I'd suggest as a quick-fix doing a search for 'klite codec pack' and downloading/installing this.. a nice easy way to make sure you have all the required codecs installed..

As for your soundcard, do you know what make it is? It probably just needs the new ZP drivers downloading/installing then eve3rything will be OK. :)

Dave H

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Hi I will do a search for the klite codec pack and shall find out what make my sound card is(dawn xp)

cheers Dave.

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