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Hi guys.

My extension is coming on in leaps and bounds and so have to make some decisions ASAP! It looks like this

The big french doors and window you see will be taken out and this space will be semi open plan to the kitchen ie big live in kitchen were we can all chill out.
It will also house a new TV system. I'm going to get something quite nice but not high end as its not just a AV room, and my baby will probably be screaming half the time. I will purchase

1) 32-36 inch plasma
2) Home cinema in a box, ie something that gives surround but not over the top
3) Sky+(maybe HD)
4) DVD player

Now I haven't actually bought any of these yet.

I'm thinking of mounting them all on this wall

Which is the extreme left hand side of the first pic

We will sit directly opposite on this side

Which is the extreme right hand side of first pic.

I want the tv/tuner/central speaker/sky box high enough off the ground so my baby can't destroy it when he starts crawling. Don't want the TV so high though that I'm craning my neck when sat on the sofa. So I'm thinking mount all the hardware to one side of the tv.

Can someone please advice where I should ask the builder to place cables for a 'wirefree' fit. Including electrical sockets and speaker cables. I also need to know exactly which cables as I don't own any of the hardware yet!

Thanks for taking the time.


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pictures don't work :)

I would recommend hauling a TV into the extension, then try and watch it with the washing machine or your wife washing up. then make the decision on whether you want a TV in the room :) it will be ok to watch, but to listen to without 1000watts will hard

noise from washing machine and general kitchen movement + opening up to usually echoey kitchens will have you pulling your hair out.

cant see pictures, but wires should go in the walls where possible ;) either get some channeling or just plaster them in if you are brave ;)

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