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Ok, not exactly in the right forum but i cant find the old OS forum.

Basically i noticed yesterday while playing skyrim that my pc would freeze and i would hear the chime you hear when something is installing or an action is being taken and then it unfreezes again.

after looking in event viewer i found it was service control manager starting and stopping all kinds of different services from class scheduler to web proxy auto discovery and its got steadily worse since, sometimes happening 4-5 times a minute :mad: ive no idea why this has started happening and ive looked around the net and cant find anything about it.

ive spent the last day and a half trying to diagnose the problem, my best guess is my SSD drive which ive had for about a month but i was hoping one of you has heard of this before and can give some insight into fixing this blasted problem? its ruining everything. i can hardly use my pc without wanting to smash it up at this point :mad:

at first i thought it was a virus but instead of scanning my drive in safe mode, reinstalling windows was the quicker, better option, so i did that and after installing windows the problem started up again within a minute of the install. :( so it cant be software related.

ive since tested my memory and cpu for errors and found none ( no OC at all) so that leaves my ssd or my mobo. i must say im not happy with my mobo since i got it and its had various niggling problems like failing usb ports and such. its a gigabyte x58a-ud3r and unless its a communication problem from the memory controller (i wouldnt know how to check that?!) it must be my SSD.

its the crucial m4 128gb ssd and has been fine since purchase but now im not so sure. has anyone heard of this problem can anyone help? :lease:

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