Help with what to do with my setup I'm a little unsure


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Hi :) I'm a little bit puzzled on what to do with my setup.

I have a Nad T778 AV receiver

I'm running a 7.1 setup with Tannoy precession 6.4 and matching center as fronts (no need to mention other speakers)

I have just bought some Focal 906 speakers with the idea of using them in a stereo only listening room.

I would like to use the T778 to run the Focal 906's.

Unfortunately Zone 1 & 2 don't allow use of blueos which I would need as I like to stream via Tidal.

I also own a Emotiva XPA Gen3 with 3x power lanes. I have been using this to power my 3 fronts, but if I'm totally honest I'm not hearing any difference, which tells me the T778 is powering them adequately.

Should I buy a stereo Amplifier without power and just use the EmotivaXPA to power the 906's

Or is there some way I can link my 906's with my T778 to save money etc.

I'm only still considering the T778 as I've read it's fantastic with two channel stereo and I wouldn't want to spend anymore than £800 on another amp if needed, which I feel with that budget the T778 could be the best route.

Thanks for any help :)


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Run some quality shielded rca cables from the front precut on the Nad to the power amp in the other room.

Take your time to decide if you want room eq in the other room.


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Thanks :)

Just wondering how doing this would work with the fronts in my 7.1 setup being connected via T778 speaker terminals and having preouts on fronts via RCA cables to my focals in another room.

Hope you understand what I mean :)


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Unplug the speaker wires.

It's a temporary measure so you can decide whether you want room eq in the other room.

This is best decided at the beginning.

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