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help with video essentials calibration!!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by matmum, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. matmum

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    Mar 23, 2003
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    i have managed to get the video essential dvd recently and i want to make sure that i have utilised the disc properly. there are loads of test patterns that i am not sure whether i should use or not at the end of the disc (they don't have any explanation though so i am not sure what they do.). i have already done the ones that the dvd guides you through. i.e. altering the colour levels, reducing sharpness etc. i just wondered if i anyone could recommend some others i could try to improve the picture ( i have a loewe aconda 32")

    another quick question - i have got a strata III sub woofer and have got a sound level meter (the avi amp speaker mode is set on all smalls with the bass going through the low level). however after calibrating the sub with the VE lfe noise pattern, the music has become very boomy - even though on the sound level meter it has the correct db reading. any ideas how i could reduce this without losing the heavy bass range for explosions. (i have put a concrete slab under the speaker but that doesn't help that much).

  2. RichardA


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    The patterns all tell you something - but there is so much that's it is impossible to do quickly! I hope to do a little write up on them when I get a chance and I'll publish it here (somewhere!)

    Many of the patterns though do not neccessarily show you how to make the picture better, but they tell you more about what the display and processing channel are actually doing.

    Worry about using the patterns that DVE talks you through - they are the important ones - the others are not so relevent to fundamental setup - indeed some require specific test equipment to make any sense at all.

    More soon hopefully!

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