Help with understanding optimal audio settings in Bluray player

Apr 4, 2021
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I have just upgarded my TV and AVR to a LG C1 and Denon AVR-S660H A respectively. To watch films I mainly have them in an MKV container that is played on a USB Stick through a Smart Bluray Player.

I started by trying out the USB input on the SMART TV but found that a film with DTS would not play the sound at all. My old TV could do this. So I bought the Panasonic DP-UB820 Smart Bluray player.

One of my films had both AC-3 and a TrueHD audio track in. The Pansonic could not play the TrueHD via the MKV although did not go deeply into the settings so might be wrong. What was a deal breaker for me is that when you switch to another film or turn the player on and off then the film will start from the beginning and not remember where it left off. So I returned it. (Btw bought from Curry's and the guy was rude and said I could not return it as had used it although managed to talk my way into it in the end)

So I was then looking into the Sony UBP-X700 and LG ubk90. So I rang Richer Sounds and they said I could buy both to try out and return any I did not want no problem at all.

So far I have just tried the LG. I found that the MKV film with both the TrueHD and AC-3 would not start at all. However if I change the order of the Audio inside the MKV container so that the AC-3 is listed first then the player will start the film. And as predicted there was no sound when changing to the TrueHD audio track once the film is playing.

I have also found the same problem where the player does not remember where you last left off when playing MKV files when you switch to another film or switch the unit on and off.

Looking into the audio settings I have a choice for AUTO -> PCM-Multi CH -> DTS Re-Encode. Which I had set to Auto originally.

I have discovered that if I switch to PCM-Multi first then the DTS NEO 6 option also becomes available. So I replayed the MKV film (the one with both AC-3 and TrueHD) and found that this time if I switch Audio tracks once playing it will play both. These are listed as Dolby Digital which must be the AC-3 file and MCP. I noticed straight away it sounded louder and clearer when switching to the MCP track00.

1. Does MCP stand for TrueHD then or does it just mean Multi PCM?

2. Does this mean when selecting the MCP track that it is playing the TrueHD as it is intended to be or is it artifically playing it?

3. So in general is better to use PCM-Multi CH over DTS-Re-Encode or does tha depend on which type of audio file I want to play? I am correct in guessing for standard Dolby Digital or DTS use the DTS-Re-Encode but for TrueHD use PCM-Multi? It also appears that when set to Auto it was using DTS-Re-Encode.

I wlll now test the Sony X700 and update my findings. If anyone has any questions on either player then let me know and will test them

Thanks in advance

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