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Hi all,

I am finally looking at upgrading my 32" CRT TV to a Samsung 46" D8000 & HT-D5530 Home cinema system. The only thing is I'm not sure on how to connect everything up to the new telly & am turning to you good people for advice on how to setup this little lot.

Devices & connections available:
Virgin V+ box - HDMI & Toslink
Xbox 360 it's the older one (480p max - I think) so only has 6 Component out cable & toslink
Xbox original - scart (or Red white Yellow composite)
Wii - scart (or Red white Yellow composite)
VCR - (old skool I know, but the missus wants it connected up) Scart in & out

Samsung HT-D5530:
2* HDMI in, 1* HDMI out
1* Toslink in
component video out
video out which in the manual says 'Connect your TV's Video Input jack (VIDEO IN) to the VIDEO OUT Jack on this product'.
Aux in component jack which in the manual says 'Connect to the 2CH analogue output of an external device (such as a VCR)'.

Samsung D8000
According to the samsung site:
1 x Component In (Y / Pb / Pr)
Composite In(AV): 1(Common Use for Component Y)
Digital Audio Out (Optical)
DVI Audio In (Mini Jack): 1 (Common use for PC Audio In)
HDMI x 4
PC Audio In (Mini Jack)
Scart x 2

I currrently use an auto scart switch which saves me having to change the channel to use the xbox media center or 360 by just putting the V+ box into standby. Ideally I'd like to be able to do something similar with the new setup, but for now I'd be happy just to get everything connected up with the Blu-ray, virgin box, 360 & media center all going through the surround system. (Is it possible to turn off the surround system & just use the TV speakers when playing games i.e. when the missus has gone to bed).

How would you setup your system?

Finally, Any ideas on how many HDMI (do they all need to be high speed cables or just the 1 to the telly) & other cables I should purchase?

Thanks for your time & help.
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After reading the manuals etc. I believe I need to connect these up like so:

Virgin box (HDMI) -> the blu-ray player (in HDMI)
The blu ray player (out HDMI) -> the TV (In HDMI).
The 360 component cable to the tv component scart breakaway lead.
Still not sure where abouts the toslink on the 360's component cable needs to go - blu ray player or the TV (or is it even necessary)?
Do I then connect up the xbox, wii & vcr to the scart splitter to the other scart breakaway cable for th TV?

Is that it? Is there a better way?

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