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Help with TV / DVD-R / Sky+ Hookup

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by andrewtayloruk, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. andrewtayloruk

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    Sep 29, 2003
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    I'm having real problems getting all my stuff hooked up.

    Toshiba Rear projection TV
    3 x SCART (2 RGB)
    1 x SVIDEO
    2 x Digital In (1 optical / 1 coax)
    Loads of other spurious connectors (sorry)

    Panasonic DVDR-E50 dvd recorder
    2 x SCART
    2 x SVIDEO
    1 x Optical Digital Out
    1 x Phono out

    SKY Plus PVR system
    2 x SCART
    1 X Optical Digital Out
    1 x Phono out

    Sony BABE Surround Sound system
    1 x COAX IN
    1 X Optical IN
    1 X USB IN
    1 X Phono in

    I originally thought that, I would feed one SCART from the SKY+ in to the TV and one SCART into the DVD-RECORDER. This works and auto-switches OK but I seem to be having problems with the sound output. I'd prefer to switch off all sound on the TV (without muting) then run the digital from the SKY plus in to the surround sound, this works great except it doesn't passthrough digital from the DVD (for playback). So when I play a DVD I get the sound from the sky+ through the digital and not the DVD playback.

    I then thought about putting the DVD straight to the surround sound, and the sky+ into the optical on the TV (it does dolby-digital but I don't have the extra speakers connected), this works but when the DVD-R is recording I get the sound channel from the SKY program that's being recorded through the AMP and the SKY channel I'm watching throught the TV!!!

    Any pointers, I'm completley confused by it all.



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