help with tuning an LG TV please.


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I have an LG 26LX2R TV that I am checking for a local charity.

I have tried auto tuning and it goes through the process but all that I end up with is a box that shows C69. Whilst it is scanning it seems as though it has picked up some channels (the screen seems to go momentarily dark) but in reality there is nothing there. I have an old LG TV myself and I have run through the procedure with that one and it all works perfectly and so the arial cable is OK.

I am wondering if the C69 has got anything to do with it. Is the TV trying to find stations purely on that channel or should I try another channel, not too sure how I would do that though or what it should be.

My location is Exmouth in Devon. I think that the transmitter is located in Stockland Hill (Honiton way I think)

Thanks for any help that may be forthcoming.


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The TV is probably ending up on C69 because that's as far as it will scan. When you launch an automatic scan, do you not see it scanning through the UHF channels one by one ?

I would do a factory reset and let it go through its automatic set-up procedure.

Actually... does it definitely have a digital tuner ? It looks like a really old model.

The manual is here but it's not obvious to me after a quick look. The specs table is hopeless !


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Thank you for your input mikej, much appreciated. If it doesn't have a digital tuner does that mean that it will only run when connected to a standalone Freeview Box?
I don't think that I've spotted an option to do a factory reset, is this something that is always available with all TV's?

Thanks again.


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Yes, there are no analogue transmissions any more so a TV without a digital (DVB-T) tuner would need to be connected to a suitable set-top box in order to receive the Freeview channels.

I don't know for sure it doesn't have one though - I just noticed one of the links said 2006 when I googled it and early LCD TVs (especially those with speakers either side of the screen) often date back to the days before digital tuners were widespread. I had a similar TV around that time.


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LG 26LX2R review a UK 2006 review, so it must have been available in PAL-I form ;)

DTV in UK was on air, but DSO only started in October 2007 in a small area of NE England (Whitehaven, Eskdale Green, Gosforth) and next was in late 2008 in Selkirk...

So highly probable this is analogue-only. But still potentially suitable for a cable TV, satellite, freeview box user? Or a touring caravan? Or, perhaps, as a computer monitor?

Mind, if that spec of 115W is accurate, no sensible person would want to run it as much larger modern sets will consume a fraction of that power.


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Thank you all for your valued input. As always, very much appreciated.

It does have the PAL/I settings which I have used when trying to auto-tune but the scan didn't produce anything.

I will suggest using with a Freeview Box or Sky.

Thanks again.

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