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Hi All
Wondered if anyone could help me and answer a few questions about running an Xbox series X on a TU7100.
I recently moved over from a PS4 and a D6530 and the setup seems very different. So here goes:
1. On my PS4 I used to set the TV to PC mode and set the image up from there. It always seemed to serve me right. Is that still considered a good idea?
2. I always read that if you can you should set to PC RGB (FULL) and HDMI level Normal, but the Xbox recommends and looks better on with standard and limited (as recommended), why is this?
3. This is mainly born out of frustration with AC Valhalla where I've turned the HDR off (this seems to be an accepted issue on that game), but it's made me wonder, is it worth having HDR on on this set or should I just turn it off?
4. Game mode, is it worth it? Or is it no longer necessary?

I'm aware this is not a top end TV and doesn't support or fully implement some of the best features, but it's a good TV, and fit my budget (and my wife won't let me have bigger than 43...), I'm just trying to make sure I get the best out of it for my gaming.


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