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Some help pls from you knowledgeable chaps re throw distances.

Preliminary pics of my screen attached – screen will come down lower once I’ve adjusted the blackdrop. Room will be off white - in the interests of domestic harmony, I won’t be trying to recreate a dark room. Used for evening movies only.

The 110” Stewart Firehawk tab’ed screen looks a little small in the area where it is fitted and just need to know if I am able to fit a wider screen, and if so what size and which ones are currently recommended.

Measurements in mm are:

Void: Viewable area W3300 H2209H D838
Beam: H279
Max distance screen to PJ lens: 4m

The area will accommodate a 120” screen (I have more width in the void, so can accommodate a wider screen bracket). Problem I have is throw. PJ is an Epson 9400. I’ve tried to make sense of the various throw calculators without success. Am I right in thinking I can go 120”, but will need to use the zoom function? If so, will I be sacrificing much by way of image quality by doing so?

Any recommendations on electric screens? I’ll need a black drop to clear the beam.


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-15 at 20.32.18.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-15 at 21.19.44.jpeg


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Using a 120" diagonal screen, the projector (lens) needs to be situated 3.6m* and 7.5m*. I would say that you wouldn't fill a 120" diagonal screen based on (room length (4000mm) - (minimum throw (-3590mm*) + projector depth (-450mm) + space for cables (-100mm)) = -140mm*). So although you are close, based on those measurements, I would say its to close to for an accurate measurement as the above measurements are an *approximate measurement. As you have the projector in situ, my best recommendation would me for you to place at the rear of the room on a small table, and see what the real maximum throw of your own projector is as each and every one is slightly different

I feel you will be looking at either a 110" or standard 106" screen in that room


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Set the screen size and then you'll find out the range where it can be mounted:

The closer a projector is to the screen the brighter it will be. You won't notice any other issues.

Don't angle the projector, aka use Keystone. It's software and will degrade picture quality.

Also at the bottom of the page there is a section called lens shift.


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Thanks for your help chaps, I did a temp install and the throw is virtually perfect, filling the 110" screen with no zoom or keystone adjustment, so, much as I'd like a bigger screen, it's best to stick with this size.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-16 at 22.18.29.jpeg

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