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Jan 16, 2003
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I have currently order a Marantz SR5400 for AV duties but I have run out of money to buy a decent stand for my rear speakers.

Question is, will they sound ok if I leave them on the floor behind my seating position or should I have the woofers firing upwards (ie on their backs)?

The speakers are closed box Sony design.

I thank you in advance.
attaching your rear speakers to the wall beside or behind you?

with that said the speakers will always sound beater on stands...

I can't actually attach it to the walls because I am in rentend accommodation.

The problem is, I habve run out of money for the time being hence my question.
As k the landlord very nicely if you can put the speakers on the wall, I did and there was no problems.
prior to getting stands for my rear speakers I had the same problem. The dolby website recommended sitting them on the floor behind your seating possition but laying them down so they fired upwards.
The site has been redesigned and the picture has been removed but still has some good information.
Try here

Hope that helps.:smoke:
Cheers Vection. Reading it right now.

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