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Hi, I have bought a PV1 second hand with the aim of eventually creating a 5.1 system.

For now I want to try it out with my existing 2 channel set up.

I have a Rotel RA-02 amp with two sets of speaker outputs, but I am using the second set for outdoor speakers on the patio.

I notice the amp has pre-outs. I am hoping I can use these to power the sub, but all the sub cables seem to either be 1 RCA to 1 RCA or 1 RCA to 2 RCA i.e. 2 RCA at the sub end.

Can I use a 'Y' cable 1 RCA to 2 RCA with the 2 RCA at my amp end for the pre outs and the 1 RCA going into the PV1?

Or must I use the 'speaker level' input instead (which I assume would give me an issue with current connections, unless I run two speaker cables from the primary amp outputs?

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If you use the speaker level connection you'd connect it to the same terminals as your main speakers, no need at all to use the speaker B terminals for this.

A high level input on a sub has a very high impedance so it won't cause a problem with your amp or speakers.

I believe the PV1 had a specific supplied cable for this, hopefully it was supplied by the previous owner.

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