Help with "stylish" powered speakers for Keyboard


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Hi all

I've a Roland RD170 stage piano in the dining room. It has no internal speakers so I need something to hear it with!
I've been allocated a shelf to put the speakers on but having an amp as well is out of the question.
I'd like a good sound from the speakers but since they are fed from a keyboard, the speakers need to be powered.
Also, I dont want two black boxes on the shelf (and neither does the wife).
Headphones aren't an option.

So, anyone suggest a good set of powered speakers that also look a it stylish?
Budget is a tight £150 - which will probably have a large bearing on things .:thumbsdow

Thanks in advance for any advice etc.


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Not sure how loud you want to go but Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks (£100) look and sound great. Have used them on PC but my daughter now uses them for Blu ray and PS3 in her room.

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