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Hi all, I would like some advice from the hivemind.

I've been out of the loop for a long time and am now finally in a good enough financial situation that I can indulge in some new gear. I'm in the market for a pair of standmount speakers. I'm looking around the £400 - £500 mark for the speakers, I already have some Atacama stands. The room is 12 x 14 ft, it has furniture in as it's my bedroom but I wouldn't call it cluttered. The speakers will be about 6 ft apart and 12 - 18 inches from the back wall. I have an old Yamaha DSP AX620 at the moment but it's on it's last legs so will be getting an Audiolab M-One to replace which puts out 40w per channel in to 8ohms. The source is FLAC from the PC, at the moment going via Toslink to the Yamaha but will eventually be going by USB to the Audiolab.

I've been perusing reviews over the last few weeks and have started to assemble a shortlist of speakers that sound interesting. I have a Richer Sounds and Sevenoaks HiFi where I live so auditioning isn't a problem but I would appreciate it if any glaring problems stand out from the list. I see no point wasting time auditioning something that is going to struggle with my musical tastes. The music I listen to is almost entirely electronic but I wouldn't call it all "dance" music. It varies from deep techno through to the most chilled out ambient from the likes of Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, The Black Dog etc. I would also appreciate any recommendations, I'm bound to have missed some glaring omissions. What I have so far is:

KEF Q350
B&W 607
Dynaudio Emit M10
Mission QX2
Monitor Audio Silver 50
Fyne F500 (A little over budget but I'm intrigued by these ..)

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
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I'm not going to advise any of them as I haven't heard them, but would advise getting easy speakers to drive so the amp isn't working too hard. The m-one is supposed to be great but hasn't massive power.

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KEF's can be quite power hungry speakers and my Marantz can drive my R300's ok at the moment but i will prob get a more an amp with more power to really benefit them.

I've heard the Monitor Audio Silver 50 a while ago and thought they were not bad but i preferred the Silver 100's as they sounded alot more detailed and refined to my ears.

I've also heard B&W 607 speakers with Rotel A14 and the 1572 and they sounded superb with them.

I've not heard any of the others so cannot comment on the others as i've not heard them.


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Assuming you only need digital input, here’s an alternative, get an Audiolab m-dac and then add active speakers. That will save you £300 on the amp which added to your £400 speaker budget gives you £700 for speakers. If you also need analogue input then the emotiva pt100 will provide that aswell for the same price c£400.

Something like this would be pretty good I think.
Dynaudio BM5 mkIII Near-Field Monitors, Pair with Stands at Gear4music

Now if you were to go second hand then with a combined amp/speaker budget of £1000-1100 (assumed by adding a new m-one plus £400 speaker budget) -

Yamaha wxc50 £220 Yamaha WXC-50 Wireless streaming pre-amplifier in pristine condition | eBay

Or for a few £ more the emotiva pt100 £319 Emotiva PT-100 Integrated Stereo Preamplifier | eBay

Dynaudio bm6 £795 Dynaudio BM6 Mkll active studio monitors. | eBay

Or Adam a8x £799 Adam A8X Active Studio Monitor Speakers 4260113132548 | eBay


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Thanks for the advice all. The DAC to active speakers is something I hadn't considered. I'll have think about things over the weekend.


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The WXC-50 and the Adam A8X will be awesome.

You certainly won’t need a sub. The grown up sound and clarity and detail will delight and amaze.

The A8X are 1300 quid of world class active speaker. A bargain at that used price.

A bid of close to £700 should get you them for about £750 max.

And in the meantime you can use the preouts of the 620 to drive them until your funds recover for a better preamp/dac.
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