Help with speakers for Toshiba Widescreen TV


Martin Wagner

A silly question surely for all you experienced people out there, forgive me, but your help would be much appreciated!

I bought a heavily reduced Toshiba Digital 36" Widescreen TV with Dolby 5.1 from Currys - but without the speakers that come with it (Toshiba charge £250 to supply new ones). Does anyone have any suggestions what speakers to buy - my budget is tight, so would four cheap speakers like the Aristons MSX04 from Richer Sounds at £15 per pair do? Or do I get a home cinema package, or are more expensive speakers really worth it? I'd like good sound but it doesn't have to be top of the range, but don't want to spend hundreds. What kind of speakers come with the set normally?

Many thanks!

Ian J

In theory any speakers will do and should be an improvement on the lightweight plastic boxes that come with some of these televisions. A TV amplifier is not particularly powerful so make sure that the speakers you buy are sensitive enough so that they can be driven to reasonable sound levels by the TV.

There is no point buying very expensive speakers as it will then show up the shortcomings of the inbuilt amplifier but if you can run to £40 per pair Richer's are selling KEF Cresta 1 at this price


Them Aristons MSX04 sound REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD. Really! :) A mate bought a pair, ear bleeding treble. Very very harsh.

I know they're just for a TV, but try and find something a bit more softer.


A late addition.
Make sure the impedance of the speakers you gaonna buy are the same as the originals, as the TV amp wont be up to much and you dont want to draw too much current.

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