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Help with speaker switching, looking for a 2:2 "crossover"


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Hi All,

What I'm after in a 2 pair input (from the same AV amp) to 2 pair output speaker switch that can send the signals straight through or simply cross the input/output, and play both pairs of speakers at the same time, does such a thing exist?

I've looked at the TC7220 but since I need to ability to play both pairs of speakers simultaneously it's not suitable. I've also looked at this 2:4 SPEAKER SELECTOR MATRIX SWITCH WITH VOLUME but it's more than I need,with the extra channels and volume control, I fear it would degrade the sound.

Any suggestions?



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What AVR do you have? Does it have a second zone function?
What speakers are you using?
Have I got it right that you intend to split one pair of speaker outputs (I assume front L/R) and play it from 2 pairs of speakers (assume they are in different rooms/locations) either separately or at the same time. take it you will play the same source from each pair and will be using the AVR in stereo mode?


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I have a Marantz SR7005, the speaker are connected with 7 surround speakers on the Front A pair, Center, Surround pair and Front Wide pair. Amp assign is set to "Normal" to allow the the front wides to be used in A-DSX mode, as per the manual this doesn't allow for a Zone 2/3 setup. There's another set of speakers facing a different direction in the room and are connected to the Front B/Heights posts.

What I'd like to be able to do is this:

Starting from:

Front A output -> Front A pair
Front Wides output -> Front Wides
i.e. straight through

switch to

Front A out -> Front Wides, in stereo mode
Front Wide output -> Front A pair
is not really required in this mode.

In short I want to be able to use the front wide pair of speakers as Front A mains when in stereo then switch them back to front wides in the 7.1 config.

Hope that's clearer?


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Are your front wides bigger or better speakers then the fronts?
Why do you want to use the front wides instead of the fronts when in stereo?
You could have a source select switch on the front wides to switch between either the front output or the front wide output from the reciever but you would also need a switch to disconnect the fronts from the front output on the amp at the same time. This would mean using both switches correctly at the same time. If you get it wrong you could end up causing damage to the reciever.


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Yes exactly, the fronts are the Kef 301s mounted close to the (50") TV, and the front wides are Linn Komponent 106s which in terms of stereo performance for music are far superior. Don't get me wrong, the 305 package is awesome for films but so-so for music.

Sounds like using a couple of switches is going to be too much hassle, won't pass the Wife Acceptance Test, and I definitely don't want to risk damaging the receiver.

I can't imagine it would be too hard to build something like this, with a physical connection that can only connect straight through or crossed? Sounds like a job for my cousin who is in to building his own hi-fi kit..:)


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Why not use the Kefs as the wides all the time and the Linns as your fronts for movies and music? If the Linns are better speakers then they will be better for movies as well as for music. So by using them as fronts you will get the best sound for all uses.


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Essentially it comes down to aesthetics, the Kefs a sleek stylish, and will look great next to the tv. The Linns are er, pretty damn ugly, and work better (aesthetically) off to the sides where they can blend in a little more. SHMBO isn't really happy about them being there at all, let alone in direct view.

I already have a pair of Dynaudios that I use for stereo music, it's just that when sitting on one side of the corner sofa they are facing the wrong way. This was really just an attempt to have my cake(s) and eat them, as it were.

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