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Hi folks
Im looking for some new speakers and i was thinking in some MA BR6 or the MA RS6 for fronts, a MA RS LCR for the center and for surround the RS1 or the RS FX. The problem is that my room is only 13x10 and the sofa is on the back wall.The distance between the front to back is the 10ft and i dont known what will be the best or if this is to much for my room. I was also thinking in the KEF iq5 for front, iq6c for center and the iq1 or iq3 for surrounds. This will be mainly for movies (90%movies/tv)
What do you guys think is the best for me??? :lease:

tahoe joe

For the fronts, in my opinion, the rs6 or br6 would be overkill for that size room. They need room to breathe, and it would just be too much...go with either the br5 or the iq5. I demoed them side by side and preferred the br5, but some like the iq5...just go have a listen.


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Thanks tahoe. I forgot to mention that im thinking of connecting the speakers to a denon or a sony av receiver.
Please some more opinions


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When upgrading mine I identified the Mission 33 series or KEF 2005.2

At first the missions were favourite as I have a pair of 701's that sound fantastic and I was worried about the KEF's ability to fill my room which is a about 12ft by 8ft.

But reviews of the missions said they needed a good foot between them and the wall to get anywhere near the best from them - that was too much for my room so I demo'd the kefs in a room almost 3 times the size of mine and was impressed by their delivery.

In the end got the kefs because of the decent sound but especially their size as its made our living room look much bigger.

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