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Hi All,

Apologies if a similar question has been asked but if it has, I can not find it ;-)

Have had some great advice on this forum today but have just one more question. for now ;-)

I have a budget of approx £1000 for a AV receiver and speaker system. Stereo Music and cinema are of equal importance to me and my setup. I think im sorted on AV receiver (demo pending) but am unsure as to what to do about speakers. My choices are:


AV receiver @ £400
Floorstanders such as Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 @ £400
Modaunt short Aviano 5 Centre speaker @ £200

I could then purchase a sub and rears at a later date



AV receiver @ £400
Floorstanders such as Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 @ £400
One of the cheaper speaker packages for approx £200-£300

both of these setups (when complete) would allow me to have a 5.1 cinema setup plus decent fronts for a good stereo only experience.

They both would result in similar setups in the end but would be built in a different way and differing time frames.

Any thoughts?




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Stick to option A.
Stick with the same make if possible so watchout that the speakers do not suddenly become end of line.

What AV amp are you having a demo of.


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Hi Andy,


Thats the option I was leaning towards. Should result in a better quality setup in the end. Even though I will have to wait a bit to save up for the sub and the rears.

The Amp I will be getting a demo on is the Denon 2312. Airplay is key for me. I was looking at the Pioneer VSX-921 but have been told (price would suggest this also) that the denon would be better.



Mr Andy

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another option would be to get an AV amp and the Wharfedale 9.1 and sub, use these at the fronts and move them to the back when you can afford the front sound stage (Wharfedale 10 range would be a good but not the only option). They hold their own in music and you don't have to worry about been able to get a matching centre if they're at the back. I did this and it worked well (mine are now at the back of a 5.0 system)
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