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Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by Breers33, Feb 4, 2009.

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    hi i currently have my HTPC hooked up to my Sony HTis100 via an external sound box (creative) which is connected to my PC via usb then to my amp via toslink it works fine and gives me the dolby digital 5.1 suround fine but there is about a .5 second delay between my sound and picture, my HTPC is connected directly to my Pioneer via HDMI whilst the sound is connected as above and the the sony HTIS100 is connected to the Pioneer via HDMI, is there anything i can do to correct this?, i have customised the sync delay settings which the sony HTis100 lets me do but it only goes to like .2 of a second and it still is miles out.. any recommendations or other ways i can try and correct this as at the minute it is impossible to watch any movies.., i was thinking of buying an internal sound card with optical out do you think this could sort out the issue as someone suggested it may be due to the USB lead/and optical not transferring the sound as quick as the HDMI transfers the video?.., if someone can also recommend the best sound card which processes True Dolby HD as the sony HTIs 100 plays this but only get this through my PS3 at minute .. thanks in advance...
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