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I am thinking of getting a sky box as everyone keeps going on at me to get one :rolleyes:
Anyway, I have the 'antenna in' going into the back of my tv currently (I dont want to pay skys rediculous price's for packages I dont want, niether need) Will I just plug that into the sky box and I will get the normal bbc 1, 2, itv ect?

Major thanks! :smashin: :smashin:


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You started your thread immediately under this one saying not to post there about Sky.
Sky TV comes from satellites and you need a dish antenna to receive it.
At a guess your "antenna in" is from a rooftop aerial for terrestrial analogue and digital TV.
It's therefore no use for satellite TV.
If you're not going to pay Sky there's not much point in getting one of their receivers.
There are three ways of getting free satellite TV and the details are here: Free Satellite.
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Well first off you will need a satellite dish unless you mean the "antenna in" is a feed from a communal dish. If that's sorted then why get SKY if you are not interested in their PAY services, you might as well get a Freesat box which or stick with Freeview.
So decided what channels you want, what type of box (single tuner, twin tuner PVR, HD or SD etc) then see if terrestrial or satellite provides the answer.


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Sorry for posting in wrong section, my mistake.

I am looking for a sky box as a family member has no use for it and i was going to take it off their hands for them :)
I have already got bbc's itv's viva ect on my tv, but it just cant record. I think its easier having the free sky box rather than buying a humax or something of simlar referance, I just want to know if it will fully work?


Use of the Sky+ recording system costs £10 a month which is waived to people with a current Sky subscription.
You can record Freeview with one of these PVRs: and Freesat with one of these.
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