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help with sky fibre slow


Novice Member
hi i changed from bt fibre to sky fibre i am suppose to be getting 4mb speed but wireless i am getting around 5mb and wired about 25 to 30.
below are my router stats

Broadband Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 40000 kbps 9999 kbps
Line Attenuation 8.9 dB 0.0 dB
Noise Margin 20.1 dB 22.22 dB

i am using the router sky sent me but i still have the bt homehub 5 in a box from when i was with BT can someone please help.


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Hi. Firstly just understand there's a difference between Mbps (Megabits per second) and mb (megabytes). Explained below:

The Difference between a Megabyte (MB) and a Megabit (Mb)

One thing that often gives people confusion is the difference between a Megabyte (used for file size) and a Megabit (used for download speeds). People often assume that a download speed of 1 Megabit per second (1 Mbps) will allow them to download a 1 Megabyte file in one second. This is not the case, a Megabit is 1/8 as big as a Megabyte, meaning that to download a 1MB file in 1 second you would need a connection of 8Mbps. The difference between a Gigabyte (GB) and a Gigabit (Gb) is the same, with a Gigabyte being 8 times larger than a Gigabit.

To calculate how long it will take a file to download over your connection, you can use Google's simple MB/Mb converter

Ok, so Sky have set you up with a 40Mbps connection and you can see that in your provided router stats. So wired to the Sky Router you are seeing about 25-30Mbps, running I assume, tests on Speedtest.net? Now that's not far off your connection speed and it could take a few days to a week for the router to get the correct full speed as the connection stabilises.

So the real issue is your wireless at 5Mbps right? Have you used a wifi scanning tool like InSSIDer to have a look at the wifi networks being picked up in your house and the channels they are using? Ideally you want to login to the Sky Router and pick a 2.4Ghz channel (ideally 1, 6 or 11) that is the least congested in your area. If your router has 5Ghz wireless as well and you have devices that support it, try that out as often they are a lot less congested.

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