Help with Sky Digibox and Yamaha RX359 audio setup


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My setup is the following:

Receiver: Yamaha RXV359
Speakers: Yamaha NSP110
DVD: Yamaha S559
TV: Toshiba 32Z17B
Sky: Pace Digibox DS430N

I am very happy with audio from DVD sources, but audio from Sky is often terrible and worse than the TV speakers. Its just a regular Sky Digibox, not Sky+, so I only expect analgoue audio inputed into the reciever. The TV is connected to Sky using SCART/RGB. I have tried connecting audio directly from Digibox's L/R audio ports into the Receiver, and also tried feeding from the TV's "Fixed Audio Out" ports but the problem remains the same, which is...

If i put the Receiver into "standard" mode (PL/PLII), then depending on the channel/programme, I sometimes get what I consider "enhanced" audio (compared to TV) but very often get just sound from the centre speaker, and can actually hear very low volume squelchy noise from all the other speakers.

If i put the Receiver into "straight" mode it just redirects the audio direct to the 2 front speakers, nothing else. So its replacing the TV's L/R speakers with the separates 2 frotn L/R speakers. Sadly thats often the best option for many programmes but not what I was expecting.

Can I do anything to improve my current setup so I get soemthign better than the TV speakers in all cases? Its a pain to change the audio setup each time you changes channel. Wifey can't be bothered with that and so ends up not using the receiver at all.

Alternatively, if I go to Sky+ and use digital optical out into my receiver, will the sounds ALWAYS be digital and better than my current setup up, even for standard BBC1, ITV1 etc broadcasts? I assume the 5.1 for Sky+ only applies to a few channels / programmes?

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