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Hi, wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm using my friend's Sharp Aquos TV using the built in freeview while he's away and when I turned it on to watch the grand prix earlier it came up with an error message saying that the database was empty/missing. I guessed I should re-tune it, but when I tried to do that I was asked for a PIN. I texted my friend asking if he knew it, and he said it was the default one, but coudn't remember what it was exactly, and I don't know where the manual is or even if he kept it.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried the usuals like 0000, 1234, 1111, 2222 etc with no luck.


fiona triplow

I have the same problem but don't think it is to do with the pin as this is for the parental limits. On the set up it doesn't have the option to do "programme set up" as per the instructions. Have you had any joy contacting sharp ? I tried and got nowhere but will try again. If anybody else has experience would appreciate it.

Just been told by the helpline need to re-install using the DTV menu and then the 3rd symbol is the autoinstallation
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I have the 19" Sharp Aquos TV and spend most of my time resetting the DTV menu.

The default pin number is 1234 - you have to enter it before the auto installation scan for the channels will take place.. this is the default PIN and is the same as the Child Lock

The manual also tells me how to reset the pin:

Press Menu
Scroll along to select "Setup"
Scroll down to Child Lock
Select Change Pin
Enter '3001' to cancel out the current pin which should then reset the pin to factory default of 1234.

Hope this helps..

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