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Help with setup??


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Hi all,

I am relatively new to the world of AV and hone cinema but I could do with some advice.

I have a Sony STR-DH520 AVR hooked up to a Tannoy TFX 5.1 system and I have added a pair of Monitor Audio BX2's (best part of the system by a country mile) complete with a pair of fairly hefty Mission stands.

I run most of my content through a Mac Mini and an LG Blu Ray (Music & films respectively), I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to get the most out of it it in terms of setup?

I have been told to trust my own ear which sounds sensible but I can't help but feel I am missing a trick or two. I anyone has some good advice on getting the most out of what have it would be appreciated.

P.s. I have been looking at cable for the speakers and would like to know if anyone has come across discreet conduit that has enough space for at least four pairs of fairly thick speaker cables.

Thanks in advance.



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For conduit look at d line stuff. I assume you use the bx with the tannoy centre. If so your system will sound much better with the matching bx centre. As far as setup is concerned, what crossover etc. is the amp and sub set at.


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Thanks for the reply, I have just had a look and the surround speakers are 120Hz the centre is 100Hz the sub is set to 100Hz. The amp won't tell me what the front left/right are set to or let me change the frequency manually unless is set the speakers to 'small' and they are currently on 'large'. It also doesn't say what they go down to on that setting?!

I want to try the sub at a lower frequency and let the BX's pick up some of the bass because as it stands just now the sub can get a bit thundery, as far as I can see the only way to do so would be to set the BX's to 'small' and adjust the frequency down to 80Hz and likewise for the sub.

As for the centre you are correct the whole TFX system is in place with the BX's in addition, that sounds like a good idea although I would possibly have to wall mount the TV to make room for it as it is physically much larger.


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Firstly, your sub is incorrectly set up!

The sub's own cossover needs to be aet to its maximum setting and its volume set mid way prior to running the receiver's auto calibration setup!

After the calibration, set all your speakers as being SMALL. You can only filter fequencies associated with speakers designated SMALL and only these speakers are affected by the crossover settings on the receiver. Use a crossover of 150Hz in association with the TFX speakers and give the BX speakers a crover of 80Hz. Leave the sub's own crossover alone and leave it set as high as it will go.
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