Help with setting up a Seleco 400plus


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I am trying to set this up with the Factory default settings.
According the manual the PJ is "factory pre-set to operate on the ceiling for a front projection with a 100" screen 4/3 format and a projector screen distance of 290 cm".
Question: which part of the PJ is this distance measured from,is it from the middle of the green lens? or is it from some part of the ceiling bracket?

Once the PJ is parallel with the screen,should I carry out "DEflection Center"

I am not able to line up the RED and BLUE with the GREEN.

Any help will be appreciated.

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If it has been used in another location then you will have to start from scratCh with physical set up. The tubes will have physically been moved from out of the box. You shoudl stick everything to default midpoints and then read the installation manual. Or, you could just pay someone to do it properly as at least that way it'll be done well. I'd suggest our resident Seleco expert, Chris Frost.


Chris Frost

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Cheers Gordon :) Nice photos BTW

re pj distance: You can go by the book with a new projector (1.5x screen width to front edge of brkt), but with a used machine you need to be a bit more careful because of existing tube wear.

Put the pj up on a table and have it pointing at a blank wall. Set the deflection connectors and menu settings appropriate to the way you plan to install the projector: For most people this is Ceiling Mode.

Switch on - supply a signal - then adjust H&V sizes to 90 and reduce blanking to minimum. Cycle through the test patterns until you get an all white screen, then switch off the R & B tubes. What you are looking for is the boundary between used and unused phosphor. It will look like a bright picture frame.

Use some masking tape to mark up the wall with the width of your screen. Move the pj back or forth until the brighter part of the screen is an inch outside the width markings. Make sure the projector is parallel to the wall, then measure from wall to the projector front. This is your projection distance.

Reading between the lines on your comment about factory default, setting it back to default won't give you a converged picture. Those settings are lost once a pj is installed in its new home. As Gordon said, you need to do a full set-up from scratch. That includes moving the lenses and adjusting centre and edge focus, then a full deflection set-up for each signal and aspect ratio and then full convergence for each too.

My offer to converge still stands. I'll be up in the N.E, in about 3 weeks time. :)


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