Help with setting up a projection room UK, best screen paint and gain for black and white video.


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Hi everyone! I am hoping someone is generous enough to help a novice such as myself. I am coming to the end of my Masters in Fine Art, and will be showing a projected video for my final degree exhibition. I will have a fully enclosed room to show the video in. I intend on painting the walls matt grey, and I am hoping to paint a silver screen of sorts.

What gain is most appropriate for a greyscale/ black and white video?

I am aware of the famous black widow paint mix: DIY projector screen paint finally found for the uk! - black widow

However, I am having a hard time finding the right base paint, can anyone make a recommendation? It seems near impossible to buy silver screen paint in the UK, so I‘m open to any alternatives or suggestions you may have.

Thank you so much!


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I suppose you can set it up as you please and call it artistic intent, but if you want to create a cinema.

If you can get the room completely dark with Matt grey (black)walls, ceiling, floor, everything, you should aim for a screen brightness of 14 foot lamberts (research) or higher in a brighter room.
Screen size dictates brightness needed from projector.
All projectors need calibrating and the better ones get closer to the standards d65 rec709, although for black and white you could use d50.
I think screen paint is tricky you could staple some screen material.

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