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I posted this as part of a longer post in the home cinema DIY forum, they answered some questions and suggested I post this specific part in here for some more advice.

Denon 1906
Denon 1720
Panasonic DVD-R (DMR-E50 I think)
Philips Freeview
Toshiba 42WH38B Rear Projection
Canton CD1 5.1 (Cheers Jake!)

My quandry is speaker position

|  SOFASOFASOFA                   
|                     S
|T                    O
|V                    F 
|                     A

Hope that comes out ok.

I was hoping to mount the speakers on the wall, three across the wall with the TV on pointing straight in to the room (or should I position them on an angle). But how far apart should they be?

The other 'SOFA' sofa is against the other wall, so any speakers that go up, will be right behind the seating position. I can't pull the sofa of the wall really (or possibly I could during a serious movie session?) so would they be better on the side walls, facing each other above the head?

Also, what about cable, I need something cheapish (without ruining all the expensive kit I just bought) that I can run under the carpet and up the walls discreetly.

Thanks again


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