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Sep 19, 2002
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I am currently building a small set up for the kitchen. I am going to buy a 15" LCD, at the mo probably the LG15la30. This has a good picture but the sound isn't great. I have therefore put my old, but good quality Technics CD player and amp in the kitchen cupboard so I can run a couple of extra speakers. I have also chased a decent scart in and have made room for other cables. The prob I have is that the old amp only has audio in as L&R phonos and the LG doesn't have audio out.

What I was wondering is, if I buy a digibox for DTT can I overcome this problem by connecting scart 2 from the digibox to a phono converter and then the phonos to the amp? Would this give the amp audio from the digibox? If the answer to this is yes then another question (sorry!) If I attach directly my Ct100 cable into the back of the digibox and have it out again to a coaxial socket would the amp also work with my cable and analogue signals? and my digital signal via scart?

As you can probably tell I'm still learning how all the A/V connections relate so any guidance would be appreciated.
The answer is yes basically, but some old ITV digital boxes had phono plugs for audio out.

But don't pay any more than £80 for one if that's a solution.

Of you are gettting a new FTA box, the Grundig would do the job.

The Pace is good, but is a fiddle to get the sound out to an amp.

Also an old NICAM stereo video will do the same, providing you feed it a DTT signal through the AV setting.

You can't use the normal NICAM sound with DTT as there is a slight time difference in delivery.

How big is your kitchen cupboard!

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