Help with set up based around denon 3806

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by frank20, Aug 3, 2006.

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    Hi :hiya: - easy on the newbie!!

    Have gone a bit nuts after way too much lurking and ordered the following items based around a denon 3806

    Living room

    Pioneer 506xde
    Sky HD
    Panasonic DVD recorder ex75
    Sonus box
    5 monitor audio gold in ceiling speakers
    Wharfedale Diamond SW150 Sub Woofer
    Logitech harmony 885
    (hope to get a PS3 if SWMBO doesn't kill me for spending this much!)

    Samsung R71 (the white & red one)
    2 Monitor audio gold in ceilings
    sonus box (the one with the amp)

    sonus box (the one with the amp)
    2 in ceiling Ci50R Kefs

    Have just got a BT home hub wireless network set up but have also ordered a bufallo linkstation to hold the wma's for the sonus.

    Finally I plan the sky hd to have a red eye link into the kitchen (preferably with an HDMI going into the Samsung R71) with a second red eye up to the bedroom but that's all I'm planning for the bedroom a I can't afford a new TV for their at the moment.

    It'll be a week or two for all components to arrive & plan to get them professionally installed, but in the meantime I simplay can't work out how to connect all the kit together (am basically just hoping it'll be easy to connect & switch on!!!!).

    Can anyone assist with connection advice?

    Thanks in advance,

    Frank20 (can't wait for all the kit to arrive!!!!):clap:

    PS - mods - feel free to move this to a more appropriate thread if required.

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