Help with set up AV to Sub


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Hi, Was wondering if someone could help me....

Pretty new to all of this..

Just bought a Yamaha 671 AV Receiver and Boston Acoustics XS Soundware SE 5.1 package

Everything works on when the sub is first turned on (green light comes on sub), when it receives no signal after a while it goes into auto standby mode (red light)...when I switch the receiver on it does not power up the sub again although no settings have changed....front speakers come on fine.

I took the sub back to the shop to test it with another receiver and it worked fine.....what else can I try? Would it be the receiver that needs changing?



It sounds like the receiver's sub channel isn't sending out enough juice to kick the sub in.

Turn the gain on the sub itself down to about half of what it currently is and re-run the YPAO.


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I run the auto set up and it did not pick it up.

Where is the best place to position to the mic?

Thanks for your help.

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